Convent of Our Lady of La Piedad

Religious buildings
Centro histórico
Convento de Ntra. Sra. de la Piedad

This convent, belonging to the Discalced Conceptionist Franciscan nuns, dates back to 1642, even though its current appearance is the result of successive remodelling completed in 1759.
The convent buildings are arranged around two square courtyards.  Each of which consists of two structures with semicircular arches supported by marble Doric columns.
It is a caisson church, with a single nave parallel to the façade. It has a rectangular floor plan and polygonal apse, with the nave being divided into four sections by means of paired Tuscan pilasters.  On the outside, special mention should be made of the small entrance, with striking Baroque forms, whose door is flanked by paired columns with ribbon capitals.
The main altarpiece is a contemporary position using Basque elements from different sources. It is presided by the Our Lady of Piety sculpture, a polychrome wood figure that can be dated to the end of the 17th century. On either side, there is the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and the Vision of Saint Anthony, small groups of sculptures, Italian in origin and from the eighteenth century.
One of the side doors has the Holy Family group of sculptures, in polychrome wood and attributable to Luisa Roldán.


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