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Convento e Chiesa di San Francisco

The Monastery of San Francisco was founded in 1566 and rebuilt at the end of the 17th century. The monastery buildings, which were significantly reduced after the disentailment, are centred around Mannerist cloisters with a rectangular floor plan.  The cloisters are supported by Doric columns in  its first structure and Ionic ones in the upper gallery.
The church, with a rectangular floor plan, has a single nave.  A series of chapels were added and give it a false aspect of a three nave church. The outstanding ones due to their historical and artistic importance are the chapels of La Veracruz, Sagrario, San Diego, San Andrés, San Telmo and San Luis de los franceses. Its outside is noted for the profile of the Comborio dome and the side entrance.  The latter was built halfway through the 18th century and  is framed by Corinthian pilasters finished with a niche with the marble statute of San Antonio. The tower, separated from the building of the church, dates back to 1669 and has a square floor plan topped with an octagonal bell tower.
Inside the church, special mention should be made of the main altarpiece, the work of Gonzalo Pomar, made out gilded wood in 1763.  It is divided into three structures by Corinthian columns, whose shafts are sometimes replaced by cherubim.  It is richly decorated with garlands, with the main niche occupied by a statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, a polychrome 18th-century carving from the former monastery of the Discalced order.
Its sculpture ‘gems’ include a statue of St. Francis of Assisi, attributed to Martínez Montañés and the Man on the True Cross brought from Naples in 1733 and attributed to Giussepe Piccano. This carving is part of the procession on Holy Monday and is the name of the oldest of the penitence brotherhoods of Cadiz’s Holy Week.


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