Museum of The Cadiz Parliament

San Felipe Neri (centro)
Museo de las Cortes de Cádiz

The Museum of the Cadiz Parliament was one of the key initiatives in the city to mark the First Centenary of the 1812 Constitution, the first in the history of Spain.
The mayor of the city of Cadiz at that time, Cayetano del Toro, was the driving force behind the purchase in 1909 of two urban properties to create the Iconographic and Historical Museum of the Parliament and Siege of Cadiz, which opened on 5 October 1912.
The building was designed by Juan Cabrera Latorre, the architect who designed a Neoclassical inspired façade, with a row of balconies in the centre flanked by large adjoining Ionic columns. Wrought iron architecture is used inside and one of the main features is the imperial staircase that links the two main rooms.
The Iconographic and Historical Museum of the Parliament and Siege of Cadiz, to give it its full name, houses a large collection of items from the 18th and 19th century.  Most of which are connected with the siege of the city by the Napoleonic troops between 1810 and 1812 and with the proclamation of the 1812 Constitution, and include weapons, copies of constitutions, medals, flags, etc.
Its valuable items include the model of the city of Cadiz, in mahogany and ivory, made by the military engineer Alfonso Jiménez in 1777 and commissioned by Charles III of Spain. The large model is very valuable due to the urban planning and historical knowledge it provides of the capital of Cadiz.  It also shows that the eighteenth-century layout of Cadiz has remained practically intact to the present.
Special mention must also be made of the large canvas depicting the proclamation of the 1812 Constitution, the work of Salvador Viniegra.




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