La Caleta Beach

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Playa de la Caleta

The greatest concentration of underwater archaeological sites along the Cadiz coast is found in the area off La Caleta beach, between the San Sebastián and Santa Catalina castles.  This was the natural way in from the high sea into the Bay of Cadiz and   along the old Bay-Caleta channel (only part of which still remains), which ran from the beach as it is today and the Port of Cadiz.  The channel was the natural boundary between the Island of Erytheia, which was the urban centre of the Phoenician colony, and the Island of Kotinoussa.
The remains, from accidental findings and archaeological digs, found in La Caleta and on display in Cadiz Museum, reveal how the area around today’s La Caleta Beach was used from the earliest times of that colony.
Classical sources also refer to the existence of two very important temples in this area of the city. The first temple dedicated to the Goddess Astarte stood on the Punta del Nao (now a submerged reef off Santa Catalina Castle) and the second dedicated to Baal Hammon or Kronos was on the island where San Sebastián now stands.
The discovery of some highly important artefacts further points to the existence of both temples.  The Gran Thymiaterion (incense burner from the 7th-6th century B.C.), votive artefacts, terracotta figures and the proto-Aeolic capital with a scroll design are among the items of great historical value that can all be seen in the Phoenician Room at Cadiz Museum.
The whole area was also a bustling and key trading area thanks to its proximity to its anchorage. This natural harbour between the islands of Erytheia and Kotinoussa, was where the Phoenician vessels arrived, bringing to Gadir, as Cadiz was known, all sorst of different goods from the Mediterranean basin.  They then set sail loaded with raw materials and products from the colony, particularly its prized salted produce.
Longitude: 495 mts.
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