Plaza de Mina (Square)

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Plaza de Mina
Plaza de Mina

Located on the site of the former vegetable garden of the Franciscan Monastery, the square was developed halfway through the 19th century to turn it into an area for the public after Mendizábal’s disentailment.  It has been one of the city's most popular leisure areas ever since.
The houses surrounding this landscaped area create a highly representative example of Cadiz’s bourgeois architecture of the 19th century.
The finest examples around the square is the building with the Museum of Cadiz, No. 6 or the Pinillos House, which also houses part of the Museum of Cadiz, and which is a 18th century Baroque building with many features of its original structure, No. 3, where there is a plate recalling that that is the birthplace of the famous composer from Cadiz, Manuel de Falla, and No. 16, which is a building dating back to 1854 and that is now home to the Cadiz Professional Association of Architects.

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